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Calicut - A Flight of Chaos.
- Flying in and out of Calicut : beware, it's Air India
By T. P. Gopinath, June 26, 2007
A modern, magnificent, aesthetically superior, brand new airport terminal is getting ready in our Calicut for the Calicut International airport. On the surface, building looks visually stunning. Airport Authority of India deserves praise for their efforts.  

Calicut - A Flight of Chaos.But when it comes to flying in and out of Calicut, story is grim and often gruesome. Here is my recent experience and let this caution you about our airport. 

Hence, at the moment, if at all possible, donít plan your travel in the rainy season and beware of storm in Oman; you may not go out of Gulf (Special delays for Calicut). Air India; beware the word particularly. Try Srilankan Airways - the only other airliner making international flights via Calicut. On Srilankan, you will reach reliably and receive respectable treatment.  

On 7th June, I was to leave for Calicut through Trivandrum from Sharjah by Air India Express at night. I have been making a short emergency trip due to marriage of my brother-in-law in India scheduled for 11th June. Accompanying me was my wife and one and half year old twins.  

On 6th, Air India cancelled all flights in and out of Gulf due to storm in Oman. Incidentally, no other airliner had cancelled their Gulf flights. I was concerned about the cancellation but tried to stay calm. I consoled my wife and promised her that i would make sure she attends her brotherís marriage at any cost.      Inside the Story:
An Endless Departure
Looking for Alternatives
Finally a Take Off
Calicut Airport - It's Urgent Needs

We reached the Sharjah airport on time on 7th as we had received no communication either from the airliner or from the airport to stay back. Remember, moving around with the little ones and many bags in itself is a Herculean effort. At the airport, nothing is said about our flight. They were not letting passengers into the airport due to no word on the particular flight.  I am not complaining because I want to be out of the storms way and especially while in flight.

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