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  Articles        T. P. Gopinath 

Online Share Trading Guide
By T. P. Gopinath, July 06, 2006.
Some sections updated in Dec 2007.

Introduction & Overview. 

The Bombay Stock Exchange.In July 2006, as I type this, I am just six months into the stock markets and online trading. In much the same way, this article / tutorial is meant for those who are new to share markets and online trading.

Old hands vs. beginners:

Friends, as I said in the opening remark, I am a beginner in the market and not an expert by any measure. Hence if you are a veteran, you are unlikely to gain here. Expect naivety rather than maturity. However I have earned some wisdom from the market in a short time and tried to be as accurate and factually correct as i could possibly.
Also, an advice to global visitors - the context of this article is Indian.

The swearing in:

After taking an ICICI bank account in 2003, I was eager to enter the financial market. However due to ignorance of the share market and lack of money, I continued to wait.

Although I heard of DMAT (Dematerialisation of Shares - understand electronic format) and about the ease of online trading, I had to stay away from entering the stock markets.  

Finally after more than two years, a friend started with HDFC bank and he introduced me to his online trading systems. Familiar with PCs and leading an online life, I found it very exciting.

In the back of my mind I had the hope of making enough money so that I can stop being an NRI. Also, being an IT professional I had the responsibility to at least know this important avenue available online for share trading.

ICICI online trading system is the scenario:

This article is in a form of a web optimized tutorial and it is rooted mostly on my experience and budding knowledge. ICICI online trading system has been used as an example. I only have a laymanís knowledge of economy and finance in general and hence donít expect any great lecture.

What I can impart is an idea about online share trading in general and remind you about some lessons I learned through my reading and online share trading.

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Beautiful, Free Life
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