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Spiritual Business 
Criminal Swamis rule the roost in Kerala.
Rajesh Kumar Edacheri, May 17, 2008

Recent headlines in Kerala newspapers have hit on one single person; a young man with some spiritual background; Santhosh Madhavan alias Swami Amritha Chaithanya, the supremo of Santhi Theeram Ashramam. 

When a middle aged woman from Dubai disclosed his cheating and fraudulent nature, police started enquiry on this Sannyasi. At last, he was arrested, ending all the debate. Before that there was news about him when Interpol published a picture of Madhavan after receiving complaint from the lady. But police was not ready to question him in the beginning.  

Dramatically, Santhosh appeared in a Malayalam TV channel for stating that he was not the person Interpol was searching. But the lady from Dubai underscored that he was the same person. She could identify him easily when she watched TV channel interview. When questioned, he revealed some shocking crimes he has done for many years. Rape cases, Blue film production, cheating, hawala dealings, etc. List of his multiple crimes goes on. Police do not even rule out his connection with underworld king Dawood Ibrahim.  

Spirituality had been a curtain for his criminal deeds. He had maintained good relationship with top police officials, politicians, and cine stars etc. He had been collecting crores of rupees from people from different walks of life. He started some voluntary institutions for covering up his secret motives.  

From an ordinary astrologist and temple priest, he has grown to become a multi millionaire within a few years. He stayed in five star accommodations. He traveled in most expensive luxury cars. He had possessed acres of land and expensive flats. Police have seized many blue films CDs that were kept in a bank locker. ‘Swami’ himself is said to be the hero of the films. 

For this, he sexually harassed tender girls of destitute homes, under his ownership. One of sexually harassed girls filed a petition against him with Kochi police and explained his criminal nature to police. During his Puja ceremony, he gradually compelled girls and many female devotees for sexual exposure. He pictured all the bed room scenes and nude postures of girls in his hidden video camera. 

Santhosh used the same tactics in his Ashram guest house where many VIPs including film stars, politicians, and police officials had stayed. Police said he had recorded some VIP persons also in his video camera. The most notable thing was a uniform of a top police man that had kept in the Ashram guest house. Alapuzha DYSP Sam Christy was suspended in connection with Swami. This is an instance of police-criminal nexus 

Himaval Badranada, another criminal Swami exposed:  

Another young Swami (Himaval Badranada) has been in the news more off late by shooting from Aluva police station while he was being interrogated. He was carrying a pistol with him. Police called him to police station when a complaint was registered against him for using red beacon on top of his private vehicle. Since then he had been threatening to shoot himself. When media persons assembled at the police station, he shot the gun and threatening all who were present. One media person is said to have got injured in the incident. 

Keralites, addicted to Swamis.

Many Keralites, despite of their education and knowledge are addicted to Swamis. Middle class and rich are competing to be true devotees of spiritual men for fulfilling their dreams. Many have been misguided by the criminal Sannyasis.  

According to many philosophers, spirituality needs no mediator at all. One can practice spirituality by devoting to pure meditation, yoga and prayers. Every one is searching for peace of mind and well-being. But when depending on spiritual leaders with self motives and profit, the devotee may lose what he or she had already.  

Spiritual sublimity can be attained by practicing strenuous devotion towards the supreme soul by practicing Yoga. Communication with the "atman" is also possible without any mediator. Many common men proved this. But anyone who can't attain spiritual attainment without the help of swamis should at least try to discriminate good and the fraudulent. 

True spiritual men never go behind money or self gain. They devote their lives to the universal well being. Their lives are self-less flow of ocean with love, divinity, meditation and simplicity. There are many examples of such spiritual men and women. Until meeting such a real spiritual leader, one can continue his search.  

God looks after his true devotees if he or she has truth, faith, and devotion in heart. Mediator has no special role there.

Spirituality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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- By Rajesh Kumar for


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