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Domain Name Registration Guide.
Name registration is the first part of getting a site online and that’s what gets you the domain name. Here, you decide the domain name, buy it and administer it...

This is the first part of our Internet presence guide

We have laid out various sub sections as mentioned below to help you understand the process of domain registration in detail. 

bulletWhat is a domain name
bulletThe right domain name
bulletThings to care
bulletBusiness start-ups, buy a name
bullet Administering your domain name
bulletThe process & cost
bulletKeyword and domain name
bulletFew prominent registrars
bulletRemembering to renew
bulletTransferring domain names
bulletWhat is whois

The process.

Process of domain name registration involves, deciding your name, looking for the availability in any of the thousands of domain registrars. Next in the process will be deciding the domain name as well as a good domain name registrar.

Going only on the basis of cheap price can sometimes land you in trouble. hence for a few dollars don't choose a not so reliable registrar. The companies who carry out domain registrations are called registrars.

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