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Web, Site Promotion Guide.

The last and final part of our Internet Presence Guide is about web promotion of your site. However this is the culmination of your efforts with making an Internet presence. Right from the domain registration guide, we have been stressing on several important aspects of web promotion.

The major aspects / steps involved  in any web promotion effort have been summarized here.


Content is king


Inbound Links


Optimizing Site for keyword


Site Hierarchy


Static Linking


Title Tags


Headline & ALT tags


Indexed file types


Submit everywhere


Do you need SEO help?


Pay per click advertising


Return visitors - bringing the guests back.


Visitor Created Content.


Forbidden methods

There is no doubt that this part is the most important part in making your site popular on the web. A very large portion of surfers find sites through the popular search engines. Namely Google, Yahoo, and MSN

It is possible to earn good search engine ranks.

We would like to insist that it is possible to earn top ranks for keywords. However if anybody is saying there is a shortcut to reach the top, donít believe them. There is no such shortcut. We will tell you our experience mixed with some simple technical matters. Hope the guide helps. Wish you good luck.

Good sites evolve all the time.

It is not for everyone. Whether it is a business, personal, or other topics related site, people like to visit sites which are frequently updated. People like to visit sites which are clean but maintain error free content. Also people like sites which can be easily navigated. 

Not many individuals or business can show that commitment needed to do a perfect work. However importance of perfection can not be stressed enough.  

There are many sites which are loved by their visitors. This is because they are constantly evolving. There is nothing static on the web! Pages keep changing, content keeps coming anew. This is a great process; a process that changes the Internet all the time and this is the quality of the net that continue to surprise us. By creating a website whether for business or for fun, you are indirectly being part of the evolution of tomorrows Internet. You can be proud of such participation of-course. 

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