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About Dubai with Links -

Gulf and especially Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has been a kind of second home to Malayalees in Kerala. We are going to tell you the story of modern Dubai and life in dubai while presenting a list of important web links about Dubai & UAE generally and at the same time presenting the following special sections.


Dubai, UAE Links - The most important web links that you may be seeking!


Dubai Photo Gallery - How about some shots made in Dubai?


Dubai: A Memoir - One expatriates compassionate look back!


Dubai & UAE Business Directory - The one free directory for your business...


Free Hold Directory - Property market is exploding in Dubai!


Dubai Metro Photos & Videos - Part 1 of Dubai Metro Photo Tour with Videos.


Dubai Metro Photos Album - Part 2 of the Dubai Metro Photo Tour.

As our story unfolds on the top of each page, on a page-after-page basis, prominent web links in several key areas are listed along. Gulf is never out of context for keralaites. Hence do not be surprised to find links from Dubai & United Arab Emirates under Kerala & Other links title.

About Dubai:

Those of you, who have not visited Dubai yet, might be wondering what Dubai is all about. Dubai is one of seven emirates in United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. Dubai is a very peaceful, modern, lovable city with large Indian expatriate population. Amongst them a big portion are Keralites who have made Dubai beloved home for making a living. People love to stay here as the govt. and the local people are very supportive and caring of them. In fact Indians are only one portion of the large expatriate community here. There are people from all over the world living and working in Dubai and they all live in peace and harmony. 

With this we hope to close the preface and let us enter other areas to take our story forward.

Next: Peace & Harmony

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 Sub Topics:
Peace & Harmony
About UAE
Business in Dubai
Dubai Shopping Festival
World Joins Dubai
Global Village Focus
Phenomenal progress
Dubai Creek
What does Keralites do
Visitng Dubai
Dubai, UAE Links
Dubai Photo Gallery
Dubai: A Memoir
Dubai Business Directory
Free Hold Directory
Dubai Metro Photos
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