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Feroke Tiles..

 Fast Forward Calicut:  Feroke & its tiles: Feroke is the cradle of the tile industry in Kerala. The rapid rivers from the Western Ghats after passing through forest carry the clay which is the raw-material for tiles, pottery and ceramic wares. There are more than a dozen tile factories in Feroke alone Next in Fast Forward.. : Civil Station:

Hyder Ali is Supreme

Hyder Ali became the supreme leader of Mysore.


Samoothiri once again sent his army to Palakkad demanding one-fifth of the revenue as agreed upon after the successful war led by Chencheeri Namboothiri earlier. Samoothiri's army attacked the forts of Palakkad Raja and killed a number of Achans. Those who escaped from the massacre turned for help to Haider Ali. Itti Kombi Achan entered into an agreement with Haider Ali, who agreed to help the Raja of Palakkad to regain his lost territory from the Samoothiri. Palakkad Raja had refrained from this move till he was forced to do so, because no other king in Malabar, including Vellaattiri, supported this.


Hearing of the agreement of Palakkad Raja with Hyder, the Samoothiri himself withdrew from the conquered territory of Palakkad. This gave further confidence to Hyder that Samoothiri could be easily defeated in war. Samoothiri had courted defeat even before the 'scent' of war. This also further demoralized his commanders. Meanwhile the Rajas of Palakkad became a tributary to Mysore and agreed to pay a sum of 5000 fanams to Mysore annually. They were considered to be faithful allies of Hyder thereafter.


Hyder Ali next demanded the sum of 12 lakhs as previously agreed by the Samoothiri to Maqdum. Samoothiri pleaded to Hyder for more time.


1766 - The last Mamankam conducted by Samoothiri. As usual Chavers came from Walluvanad. Every Mamankam conducted under the Samoothiri, from approx. 1364 to 1766, witnessed the sacrifice of these Chavers who preferred death to defeat.


Soon, Hyder after occupying Kadathanad, made a triumphant entry into Kozhikkode. The battle by the Mysore army had been won long before the actual battle began. The Samoothiri after sending his relatives to Ponnani, locked himself up in his fort and committed suicide.


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