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Left ride in Kerala - 12/05/06

Write in our forum on your expectations about the new Government. Is this change worth it?

Kozhikode: The impressive victory of left democratic front in Kerala, 98 out of 140 is a shock treatment to the UDF. Many UDF strongholds witnessed a heavy setback and UDF defeat at IUML bastions in Malappuram and Kozhikode districts are shocking.

IUML general secretary P.K. Kunhalikkutty lost Kuttippuram; E.T. Muhammad Basheer lost Perinthalmanna and Dr. M.K.Muneer was defeated at Mankada. Since K. Muraleedharan filed nomination at Koduvally in Kozhikode the constituency has become a centre of attraction from political circles all over Kerala.

Koduvally has been a stronghold of IUML. All the earlier winners of Koduvally were UDF. But this time DIC president K. Muraleedharan has failed. He was defeated by left independent PTA Rahim who was a league leader earlier. Most of the communal organizations of Kerala such as PDP, A.P Sunnis, Jama-et supported LDF. This reflected in the elections especially in Malabar area. V.S factor also has become a decisive part of left victory. In Kozhikode district LDF had a sweeping victory; 11 out of 12.

UDF won Kunnamngalam constituency in a slim margin of 297 votes. League independent U.C. Raman is the only UDF winner in the district. Minister A. Sujanapal lost Calicut-1 constituency. He was defeated by A. Pradeep Kumar, DYFI state secretary. Thiruvambady, a sitting constituency of UDF was captured by LDF candidate Mathayi Chakko. N.C. Mayin Haji could not retain the seat of UDF.

Vatakara constituency has retained its record margin in the district for the left. M.K. Premnath of JD(S) retained this left fort over a margin of 21,000. He defeated his nearest rival Ponnarath Balakrishnan of Congress. Binoy Biswam of CPI won Nadapuram seat. D.C.C president M.Veeran Kutty was defeated by Binoy. DIC vice president P. Sankaran lost his sitting seat, Koyilandy. P.Viswan of CPM defeated Sankaran.

Top leaders like M.V. Raghavan, K.R. Gowri Amma, Balakrishnapillai, T.M Jacob, Dominic Presentatoion, Sobhana George, K.K. Ramachandran are among losers. Ramachandran Nair tasted the first defeat. M.V. Sreyamskumar of JD(S) defeated him.
Kerala voters are in search of a change. Their thinking was clear from the results.

- CalicutNet News Service.


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