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Professor M. N. Vijayan passes away:
Controversy over a great man's death  - 11/10/07
By Rajesh Kumar Edacheri.

At last M.N. Vijayan’s family members came forward to request the world to stop controversy over his death. M.N .Vijayan, the famous writer, journalist, and left thinker, known as 'Vijayan Mash', among his friends and admirers, passed away at a press meet in Thrissur. 

While speaking to journalists at Thrissur press club, he suddenly leaned on his back, his eyes slowing closing. The reporters and his colleagues rushed him to hospital, however that could not save his precious life. 

After his death, many controversies aroused. Sukumar Azheekode, writer and social critique blamed his colleague and editor Patom, a publication by ante-neo-liberalists in Communist, Prof S. Sudheesh. Azheekode blamed him for bringing Vijayan, who had been suffering from heart disease to the second floor of the building where press meet was held. 

He also blamed journalists of Thrissur press club for admitting him to a distant hospital, without approaching nearby hospitals. Sudheesh challenged Azheekode’s statement and reportedly threatened Azheekode on phone.  

The controversy has gone beyond and had political overtones with Azheekode being portrayed as a supporter of Pinarayi Vijayan group in C.P.M. This group had been the main target of Vijayan. He questioned modern communists going behind foreign aid and comforts. The right leaders like Ramesh Chennithala and G.Karthikeyan expressed their suspicion over Azheekode’s statement. 

The news of Vijayan’s death and its after effects continues to be reported by the media. Azheekode stated that he would discuss with lawyers regarding filing of petition against Sudheesh’s statement. He abused me as cultural goonda". That is his ignorance of the other. I don’t receive money from others. I receive myself.”- said Azheekode while speaking to reporters in Kozhikode. 

Patom enthusiasts came forward alleging Pinarayi and M. A. Baaby trying to trap S. Sudheesh. In the beginning of their movement, Pinarayi called on workers to manhandle Vijayan and Sudheesh for campaign against party – they alleged. Both of them had criticized party policy of receiving foreign aid. They questioned party and minister, Thomas Isaac (who introduced people’s plan program in Kerala).

- Report by Rajesh Kumar for


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