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Birthday celebrations of Lord Sree Krishna
- September 02, 2010 By Rajesh Kumar

Photos : Sree Krishna Jayanthi Shobha Yatra - procession views from Vatakara

Kozhikode: All the cities and villages have marked the auspicious birthday of Lord Sree Krishna. Hundreds and thousands of kids and Krishna devotees participated in the Shobha Yatras organized by Balagokulam. It is being said that 7500 similar Shobha yatras were held all over Kerala, simultaneously. Krishna Bhajans, devotional songs and other cultural programs attracted many. The playful kids in Krishna attires, the presentation of ancient stories with floats and forms refilled the minds of devotees.

Guruvayur Sree Krishna temple witnessed huge rush of about half lakh devotees chanting Krishna mantras waited long hours to be blessed by Darshan of the Lord. Kids as usual were excited to participate in all special programs held in connection with Astami Rohini.

Kozhikode: Sree Krishna Jayanti will be celebrated on September 1st, 2010.

Spectacular events will mark the auspicious birthday celebrations of Lord Sree Krishna. Hundreds of thousands of devotees will visit temples to offer special poojas and take part in Shoba Yatras all over Kerala. Cities and villages to observe diverse programs based on Sree Krishna stories. Little kids in the attire of Lord Krishna accompanied by Yasodha, Devaki and Gopikas will be the major attraction of Shoba Yatras.

There would be many floats depicting major parts from the life history of Lord Krishna. This would range from Kamsan, Poothana, to Balagopalan stealing butter with his friends to Kannan being tied to a grinding stone by Yasodha to Krishna on the chariot during geetha sara sandharbha, Rugmini swayamvara and so on…

Shobyatra, organized by Chevayur nagar Balagokulam at Azhakodi Devi temple will start at 3.30 pm on September 1. Bhajans, Keerthanas, Chenda Melam, floats and many other devotional programs are organized to celebrate the holy day. Kozhikode city will witness the union of six major Shobyatras in the evening of September 1.

Uriyadi , similar games and many other cultural programmes would add colour to the procession.

The very sight wherein innumerable small kids dressed with peacock feathers and little crowns in yellow attire (konakam) and garlands, with flute held in high esteem by itself is highly alluring to all.

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