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Welcome to - One Stop Shop for Kerala Travel & Tourism information. Our travel pages provide comprehensive information on all tourist attractions in Kerala, India. Kerala is a state in India and a national Geographic prized tourist destination. 

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The national harbor at Kadalundi is an earthly paradise for migratory birds, located 19 Kms from Kozhikode and 7 Kms from Beypore port. The sanctuary, which is spread over a cluster of islands, covers an area of 3 Kms, in a scenic area surrounded by hillocks, where the Kadalundipuzha flows into the Arabian sea. 

The large flock of birds that come here is the breath-taking backdrop of wooded greenery that enthralls bird watchers and nature lovers in no small measure. Over a hundred varieties of native birds and over 60 varieties of native birds and over 60 varieties of migrating birds flock here from Siberia, Persian Gulf, Europe, America and Himalayan ranges in large numbers. A hillock, which is 200 meters above sea level, provides a splendid view of the river mouth and the sea. The place is also known for a wide variety of fishes, mussels and crabs.

The Vallikunnu Grama Panchayat through the people’s plan tries to develop this area as a major tourist center in south India. An information center, a bird museum, slide project facilities, photo exhibition hall, miracle expo centre, and science museum are being planned as part of the over all schemes. Instead of that the Panchayath administration has taken care to include water cruise facilities. For this purpose, a fleet of motorboats and a mini boat jetty are also planned.

Places to See


This small town, 13 Kms from Malappuram is the home of the famed Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala, one of the pioneer institutions of Ayurveda in India. Ayurveda, Indian’s unique science of life and medicine, has a major role in attracting tourists to Kerala. In a large number of cases, Ayurveda is responsible for persuading foreign travelers to visit the State. 

Vaidyaratnam P.S. Warrier founded the Arya Vaidyasala in 1902. People from different parts of the world, from Haly, Germany, Holland, Britain, France and USA, come here seeking Ayurveda treatment. The Vaidyasala runs an Ayurveda research center, a nursing home, a hospital, an Ayurveda college and a medicinal herbal garden. 

Kottakkal is also the abode of art and culture. The PSV Natyasangham, the blessed Kathakali group runs a Kathakali school. Venkata Theva temple near the Vaidyasala is noted for natural paintings. Kottakkal Pooram festival attracts thousands.

Places to See


Prominent commercial centre in Malappuram district. Most of the Government institutions and many offices such as  District Court, District  Hospital, District Medical Office are located in Manjeri.

Manjeri has an important place in history of Malabar. It was at the center of  1921 Muslim Revolution better known as Sipahi Lahala. Manjeri is a one of the Muslim majority area of  Kerala state.

Manjeri is centrally located and is well connected with major cities of Kerala and neighboring states. The new Calicut Airport is only 25 minutes drive from city center (approximately 25 Kms.). One of the biggest commercial centre of Kerala, Kozhikode (previously known as Calicut) is only 47 Km away from Manjeri and is well connected by road, the private, public transport buses are plying at almost every 5 minute frequency.

Places to See

Education Sector

There are many Govt/Private Sector High Schools/Technical High School, using both Malayalam and English as medium of study. For  graduation and post graduations in different disciplines - NSS College, Co-operative Arts College, Unity Women's  college ...etc. In addition to the above, there are many well-known Institutions  offering Computer courses and other such technical specialisations.

Manjeri is a very busy town. Close proximity to the new  International airport  is an added advantage to the business circle.

Places to See


18 Kms away from Nilambur where the rain forest flourish, elephants and other wild animals can be viewed from the wooden rest house built by the British. An elephant-taming center, which still attracts visitors from all climes, is also there. Half an hour drive through the dense forests, leads to Mancherri, the settlement of Chola Naikars, a primitive tribe. 

Adyanpara in Kurmbalangod village of Nilambur Taluk is famous for its waterfalls and the splendor of wooded jungle. This cascade is a spectacle of unrivalled grandeur. The wild beauty of this place is a rare treat for the eyes and heart of the travelers. 

The Malappuram District Panchayat allotted funds to use this waterfall for generation of electricity. 

The Elembalai hill is the border of Kerala and Tamilnadu, where the river
Chaliyar originates. This hill clothed in dense forest and bamboo woods adds to the beauty of the same. 

The mass wild life in Nilambur, Amarambalam, Melathur and
Wandoor attracts hundreds of visitors every season. The region is a beloved homestead of innumerable birds and animals. To the lover of nature, the botanist and the naturalist, this region offers every charm in forest, mountain valley and cultivated plain. Elephants, bosons, deers tigers, blue monkeys, bears, boards, rabbits wild cats and dogs are found in the forests along with a variety of birds and reptiles. This variety of wild life welcomes the visitors with their own melody. Very often flying squirrels and black panthers are found here. 

The Kavanakallu Regulator cum bridge in Chaliyar river, 13 Kms away from Kondotty hill gives Nilambur a unique place in Kerala’s Tourist map. 95 percentage of the construction of the regulator has been completed. After the completion of the regulator, about 60 Kms long artificial lake will be formed. A big scheme is underway to develop Chaliyar as a major tourist center.

Places to See


Like other districts, the dominant feature of Malappuram is the luxuriance of its vegetation. With a summer climate that is not unduly warm, it has many charms to offer the travelers. Nilambur, on the Kozhikode-Ooty highway, 40 Kms from Malappuram is famous for its teak plantation and too it is an important halting place for tourists on route to Ooty. The oldest teak plantation of the world, the Conolly’s Plot is just 2 Kms from Nilambur town. The oldest and tallest teak tree in the world, Kannimaree is a rare attraction. At Aruvakkode, beside the Chalaiyar river, where a country boat ferry is ready for visitor, four Kms away from Nilambur in the Ooty road are world’s first teak museum and sub center of Kerala Forest Research Institute. In the well-designed museum, a visitor can have at hand, information on all aspects of teak, exhibits, articles and details of historic, aesthetic and scientific value.

Places to See


Padinharekara, the lovely beach is close to Ponnani and at the end point of the Tippu Sultan road. It offers a breath taking view of the confluence of the river Bharathapuzha and Tirurpuzha with the Arabian sea. This place is noted for migratory birds, gathering in thousands during February-April.

Places to See


20 Kms from Malappuram is another cultural center in the district. The Thali temple is located about 3 Kms west of Agadipuram as the way to Malappuram from Perinthalmanna. The Thirumandhamkunnu temple is dedicated to goddess Durga. The annual pooram festival celebrated in March/April attracts thousands. A chaverthara, preserved near the Thirumandhamkunnu temple is a memorial for the martyrs of Mamankam. 

Kodikethmala, a scenic hilltop near Perinthalmanna attracts tourists largely with its panoramic views. It is exceptionally rich in flowering plants, butterflies and birds. The DTPC is now developing it further.

Places to See


This place has many charms to offer the traveler. The Biyyamkayal, a spread of backwater near Ponnani town is a replica of the backwaters of Kollam and Alapuzha, where boat race is conducted annually, during Onam celebrations. A permanent pavilion is built for the spectators. Nearly one dozen country boats including some rowed by women, participate. This is a most enchanting experience. As a part of a big project, the District Tourism Promotion Council set up water sports facility, including pedal boats, running boats, park and cafeteria.

Places to See


The small coastal fishing town of Tanur has one of the earliest Portuguese settlements, situated 8 Kms from Tirur. It is believed that St. Francis Xavier visited the place in 1546. the Keraladeshapuram temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu which is one among the oldest temple of Kerala, is 3 Kms south Tanur town.

Places to See


8 Kms away from Tirur situated on the banks of the Bharatha puzha, this is a place of great historical importance. The Mamankam, a grand assembly of the rulers of Kerala, an enactment of traditional martial arts by suicide squads, was held here once every 12 years in olden times. Today Thirunavaya is the venue for the annual Sarvodaya mela. The ancient and famous Thirunavaya temple is also a famous pilgrim center.

Places to See


43 Kms south of Kozhikode, this small town has a unique place in State tourism map. The birthplace of Thunchath Ezhuthachan, the founder of Malayalam literature, now called Thunchan, the founder of Malayalam literature, now called Thunchan Parambu, is in Tirur. Today Thunchan Parambu is being developed into an important research center and literary meeting place by the Government. In Vijayadashami day hundreds of children are initiated here into the wonders of writing when they first trace the letters of the Malayalam alphabet in sand. A maxvomica tree, of which leaves are not bitter, is a surprise at Thunjan parambu. 6 Kms from Tirur, Tripranjhode where the only temple of Kerala, consecrated to Garuda, is situated.

Places to See


Tirurangadi was an important center of the Khilaphath movement, the national movement and the Malabar Rebellion. It was the Tirurangadi incident on 20th August 1921, that ignited the out-break of Malabar Rebellion. Mambusan Kizhakkefath was the seat of Khilaphath Bader Ali Musliar.

Places to See


500 meters away from Malappuram town, it is a historically important place. One can see the traces of an old fort at the base of cantonment hill. The fort was the first to be built by the Zamorine of Kozhikode. Nearby are the Vettakkorumakan temple and Siva temple with the famous murals of Malabar. The British authority used it as a firing range and many a Moppila rebel was killed here by them. Authorities built a helipad at the top. On evening large numbers of people gather here to see the sunset. A children’s park is made here by the DTPC.

Places to See

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