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Welcome to - One Stop Shop for Kerala Travel & Tourism information. Our travel pages provide comprehensive information on all tourist attractions in Kerala, India. Kerala is a state in India and a national Geographic prized tourist destination. 

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Places to See (Tourist Places)


Vadakkumnatha Kshethram:

Vadakkumnatha Kshethram temple sits atop a hill in the centre of Thrissur. This temple is a classic example of the Kerala style of architecture. The temple contains the sacred shrines of Paramashiva, Parvathi, Sankaranarayana, Ganapathi, Sri Rama and Sri Krishna.  The central shrines and Koothambalam exhibit exquisite vignettes carved in wood. Legend goes that this temple was founded by Parasurama. Thissur Pooram, the grandest temple pageantry in Kerala, is celebrated here in April every year. Non Hindus are not allowed inside the temple.

Places to See (Tourist Places)


There are several significant churches including Lady of  Lourdes Cathedral and Puhanpally Church:

Places to See (Tourist Places)


State Museum

Archeological Museum, farther along Museum road , has temple models, stone reliefs, Gandharan pieces and reproductions of some of the Mattancherry murals.

The Museum is open from 10am to 5pm and closed on Monday.

Places to See (Tourist Places)

Pooram Festival:

The annual Pooram festival held in April/ May , is one of the biggest in the south. It include fireworks, colourful processions and brightly decorated elephants. This festval was first introdused  by Sakthan Thamburan, the maharaja of the former state of Kochi (Cochin).

Places to See (Tourist Places)

Guruvayoor Kshethram:

The Hindu-only Sreekrishna Temple at Guruvayoor,33km. north of Trissur, is one of the most famous in Kerala. The temple's 40-plus elephants are kept at nearby Punathur  Kota.

Places to See (Tourist Places)

Kerala  Kalamandalam:

This important academy of arts 32km north-east of Trissur at Cheruthuruthy was founded in 1930 by the late poet Vallathol Narayana Menon and his associate Manakkulam Mukunda Raja.

Places to See (Tourist Places)


This is famous for the temple of Sri Rama located on the banks of the Triprayar river. Its architecture is similar to that of the Vadakkumnatha Kshathram. 

Places to See (Tourist Places)


STD Code 0488

Irinjalakkuda, 20km south of Trissur, is an important site for temples, churches and cultural centres.

Places to See (Tourist Places)

Koodal Manikyam Temple:

This temple is dedicated to Bharata, the loyal and selfless hero and strong supporter of Rama. The diety at the temple is said to embody the joy rapture experienced by Bharata, when he learned of reunion of Rama and Sita. It's believed that this is the only temple in India dedicated to Bharata  and devotees claim miraculous cures from disease and ill health.

Places to See (Tourist Places)

St. Thomas Church:

The original St. Thomas Church, a stone and wooden construction, was established in 1845 and dedicated to St. George Foraine.

Places to See (Tourist Places)

Natana Kairali Research & Performing Centre:

This another important cultural centre in the Trissur district.

Places to See (Tourist Places)

Peechi- Vazhani Wild life Sanctuary:

This  large dam in the Western Ghats, 20km east of Trissur, provides the ares's drinking water while the attached sanctuary offers protection for animals.

Places to See (Tourist Places)

Kerala Forest Research Institute:

This institute, estsblished in 1975, undertake research on a range of issues including medical plants, entomology, clonal propagation of plants, disease control and methods for reforestation. 

Athirappally - Vazhachal

62 Kms south of Trichur, east of chalakkudy and very near to the entrance of Sholayar forest ranges 
are the beautiful water falls namely Athirappally and Vazhachal, which are 5 kms apart.

Places to See (Tourist Places)

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