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Our business directory for Indian business community is a free one. All are welcome to make your entries. We are indexed often by Google and you can hope to reach their listing through us. chat, golden quotes, & human body are our other topics here..  
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India Business Directory -
Existing members are requested to use the same form for any changes & additions to their profile.
Free Registration - India Business Directory.
- Submit your business related information through our registration form. 
- International businesses can profile following the above link
- Dubai & UAE business directory can be found here

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 A - C :   Agriculture | Advertising | Aluminium | Astrologer |Automobiles

Bakery | Banking, Insurance | Books, Publishing | BPO, ITES | Building Management | Business Service

Chemicals | Clothing, Textiles | Commercial Agency | Construction | Consultancy | Content Creation

 D - H :   Dry Cleaning, Laundry | Education | Electrical & Electronics | Employment, Careers

Engineering, Industries  | Entertainment | Event Management | Finance & Stocks | Florist 

Food & Cooking | Grocery / Stationary | Handicrafts, Gifts | Hospitals, Health Care | Hotel & Resorts

 I - Z :   Import & Export | Information Technology | Jewelers | Law / Legal | Logistics

Manufacturing | News, Media | Paper, Printing | Plastics | Private Investigators | Real Estate & Builders

Security Systems | Shamiana & Tents | Telecommunication | Trading, Stockists | Travel & Tourism

Water Treatment | Weighing Scales | Wood, Furniture

Dear Members, if you want to improve or correct any part of your listing, please use the same registration form to send us your new profile. If you have a new sub page to add to the existing main page, add it to the 'business description' field and write in brackets (make a new sub page).  This can be info about your extended operations, other business highlights etc. Remember, ensuring higher quality and quantity of content will present you better search engine ranking. Learn about maximizing benefits.

How does the directory help? and whom?

Directory for Indian businesses:
India business directory is our directory for businesses within India who wish to develop an Internet profile with a listing in a web site. We let you carry out a fairly detailed profiling of your contact details, products, and services. The information submitted is quickly published back on our pages under the appropriate category in the India business directory.

Directory for our visitors:
Our visitors who are looking for information on a certain Indian business can find that information through our free to list India business directory. We let you find data like contact details including web site of a particular business. ‘Advertisements’ to ‘wood’, we have listings under many different business categories. 

Enter your business in the search engines through our directory:
Yet another way in which the India Business Directory helps is that, it lets you get into the search engines very easily and with least effort. Your listing in India Business Directory automatically places you in top search engines.  We are frequently indexed by major search engines like yahoo, google, and MSN. Listing with the India Business Directory is an easy way to get into these search engines which can be otherwise a very hard prospect.



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