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Learn about your PC; its basics, improving performance, great applications, dependability, reliability, refer our buying and new technology guide, grasp remote assistance, PC Security threats, resolutions. Knowledge is power and we hope to build your confidence about PC.

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Improving PC performance.

What affects PC Performance.Performance is not a result of a fast CPU, high capacity hard disk or a lot of RAM. It comes from a combination of factors.  

In another situation like while connected to the Internet, browsing performance is more significantly affected by the type of connection to the Internet. 

Hence when you are affected with a PC performance problem itís important to understand the exact cause of the problem before trying to remedy the situation. 

This discussion focuses on factors that affect PC performance and steps that you could take to make your PC run faster and with better reliability. Some of the recommendations may involve a small cost and some does not. More importantly discussion is intended to give the PC owner an idea of what possibly could be done to improve performance.

There are many PCs which are bogged down by viruses, worms, and the latest threats called spyware and adware. Yet people simply think its the PC hardware or quality of components that's to blame.

To the right of this page we have listed the subtopics of this section. Please proceed..

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bulletCPU - Processor is an important component for performance however not always it helps.
bullet Hard Disk Factor - How full your disk is, does not relate to PC performance.
bulletInternet performance - It is the line that makes the difference.
bulletPC Security & PC Performance. - No Performance can come with malware present.
bulletRAM Factor - Memory is everything but mostly when you work on multiple applications simultaneously.
bulletStartup Programs - Remove them if you don't need them.
bulletVideo Sub System Factor
- Check out whether you need better performance with graphics. If not, don't worry.



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