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What is Internet?
Internet is a vastness. It must be called an ocean or something so big unofficially. Our subject start unveiling only through the links on the right meanwhile let us look at how much Internet touch our lives briefly.

Today, what is not on the Internet? ebay is auctioning everything that's possible. Amazon is selling all you can buy. Yahoo has offered ice cream through its site when they turned ten some time back.

Internet has long become a happening place. Staying ignorant of it is simply suicidal.

Hence get on with your PC, explore its tremendous ability to inform, communicate, entertain etc..

This section is for those who does not get it technically. Although we have not been able to keep it devoid of any jargon we have tried our best to keep it as simple as we can.

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bulletWhat does Internet comprise of?
bulletHigh capacity routers
bulletHow router character gets it role on the Internet
bulletWeb Servers of the Internet
bulletDNS Servers of the Internet
bulletHow does it happen?
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