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Learn about your PC; its basics, improving performance, great applications, dependability, reliability, refer our buying and new technology guide, grasp remote assistance, PC Security threats, resolutions. Knowledge is power and we hope to build your confidence about PC.

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Protect Your PC - A Periodically Updated PC Security Guide.
- Last updated on December 25, 2004.
Maintaining a PC without security holes and keeping it running at its best performance can be quiet a challenge! There is no panacea here. Only constant watch and alertness.

Spurred by the ever expanding Internet, today you could get infected with a worm the moment you connect to the Internet for the very first time. Links on the right side of this page takes you to major and sub sections of this guide written in a way specially suited for the web user.

The threats are many and each warrant distinct approaches for remedying. Subject is divided in to two main areas of threat / Issues and response / remedy. Hope you find this guide useful.

PC Security Guide is maintained by CalicutNet. Any communication with regards to the subject under discussion or its presentation is most welcome. You can send your comments through our Contact us page.

bullet Operating System vulnerabilities
bullet Virus, Worm | Hacking
bulletSpyware, Adware
bulletSpam | Phishing
bullet Reasonable Computer knowledge
bullet Operating System updates
bullet Antispyware, Antiadware
bullet To escape Phishing - Distrust is best!
 Other Important Information & Best Links
bullet Strong Passwords explained
bullet E-mail Address Spoofing
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