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E-mail hosting

There are many ways you can host your e-mail on the Internet. We are discussing few options available for e-mail hosting with their advantages and disadvantages.

With gmail, yahoo and others playing big games in the personal e-mail market, it is difficult to say where the market is headed. However these developments are creating many opportunities for the e-mail user.

However personal e-mail is different from e-mail hosting. In e-mail hosting we are talking about businesses using web hosting company's services in large scale so that their e-mail is handled by the web hosting or e-mail hosting company safely, reliably, and in a readily available manner at the web host. Amongst the many options for email hosting , we discuss the following.


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bullet & Bigmailbox


Hosting e-mail on your own servers

Number of POP accounts available form the web host.

One factor you have to consider to make a decision on a host is the number of e-mail accounts offered. Some offer many and some few. There may be also limits on e-mail storage etc…

Most web hosting companies offer web mail as well as POP, SMTP for sending and receiving mails from an e-mail client. Quality and the performance of the web mail may vary widely.

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What does our web hosting guide cover? Guide is intended to be a comprehensive manual for those who are looking for a web hosting guide. Through out this web hosting guide, we tried to explain the intricacies of web hosting in simple terms. Different types of web hosting, evaluating web hosting providers, have all been touched up on in great detail. Guide also explores e-mail hosting, cost of web hosting, the importance of web hosting etc in detail. Web hosting guide describes in detail the issues related to tech support of web hosting providers, changing web host, etc. Also included is what to do when your site goes down? hosting from home etc.. We hope that the guide will be of great use to those aspiring to do web hosting for their business and personal needs.
 Web Hosting

As a web hosting company, you need not be told the benefits of being listed in a web hosting directory associated with a popular web hosting guide. Register your web hosting business with CalicutNet Web Hosting Guide. Directory is being built through extensive participation from web hosting businesses and once completed it will be a comprehensive resource for many of your potential clients.

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